When the gig requires a duo I count on my trusty sidekick,
Dan Rideout!

Dan & I have been gigging together since about 1998.
Kind of funny the story on how we started working together.
I was playing at one of my local regular spots, The Thirsty Monk in Oshawa.
This guy yells out, "Play some Floyd"!
At the time the only Floyd tune I knew was Wish You Were Here & I hadn't played it in awhile.
I go on to tell him that I just played that song the other night &
butchered it because I couldn't remember the lyrics!
So he starts heckling me & I quickly say
"OK smart ass, get up here & do it yourself!"
Well I guess you can say the rest is history! ;-)
We've been gigging ever since!

Dan started off playing rhythm acoustic 12 string.
He now has added an acoustic 6, an electric 6 & a whole slew of harps!

Dan brings awesome harmony vocals to the show along with his incredible right hand rhythms!
Throw in some heartfelt melodic harp solos & a few lead vocal spots
& he really rounds out the sound!